When you sign a contract with Sawyer Custom Homes, we come in once a month, to provide our monthly maintenance services. During your monthly maintenance visit, we complete a thorough check, while also replacing: filters, light bulbs and batteries when needed. It is our job to make sure your home is running as efficiently as it should.

Sawyer Custom Homes is the only business in this area offering this unique, monthly-maintenance service.


Interior Service and Inspection

  • Check/Replace Light Bulbs  

  • Test CO2/Smoke Alarm      

  • Check Fire Extinguisher

  • Service all Door Knobs/Locks/Hinges

  • Service all windows

  • Provide HVAC Filters

  • Service Plumbing Cut-Off Valves

  • Inspect and Service Kitchen Caulk

  • Inspect and Service Bathroom Caulk

  • Service All Drains

  • Service Septic System with Septic Treatment

  • Service/Clean Bathroom Ventilation Fans

  • Inspect/Service Toilets

  • Service Faucet Aerators

  • Service Garbage Disposal/Clean

  • Service Dishwasher   

  • Inspect and Service Pilot Lights

  • Clean Dryer Vent

  • Clean Refrigerator Coils

Exterior Service and Inspection

  • Inspect Roof

  • Inspect/Repair Exterior Caulking

  • Service Exterior Faucets

  • Inspect Basement/Crawl Space

  • Check for Water Damage and Leaks

  • Check for Rodent/Insects 


Seasonal Services

  • Replace Water Filters

  • Winterize Exterior Water Sources

  • Change CO2 and Smoke Alarm Batteries(Spring/Winter)

  • Replace washing machine hoses

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