The story of Sawyer Custom Homes begins over 65 years ago with a man named George Sawyer, whose father was the town carpenter for over 20 years. George, the youngest of 9 brothers and sisters, was born in 1930 in North Carolina. Like many Southerners, his family was impoverished as a result of the Great Depression. They lived in a 2-bedroom home that the Sawyers had built with most of the family sleeping on the floor. George's father passed away by the time he had turned 9 years old and his oldest brothers enlisted in the Army to help the family survive. All but one brother was killed in World War II. George had learned to work hard and live meagerly. George received only a few years of education in a one-room schoolhouse and worked as a carpenter's helper making about 25 cents per day. He gave that money to his mother every afternoon when he came home. Once he turned 17 years old, he joined the Army himself. He was sent to Fort Bragg, where he made a friend by the name of Herbert. This new friend took him home one day and he met the love of his life named Mildred. They have been married over 70 years and still going strong. But, as luck would have it, he was sent to fight in the Korean War. Upon returning, Herbert and George decided to start a home building company. So, in 1954, they became partners and formed Sawyer Homes.


   Since then, the company has stayed in the Sawyer family for three generations. Currently, Michael Sawyer is the C.E.O. He started with the family company at the age of 8 years old working in the summers. He learned how to do just about all aspects of home building with hands-on experience. Once he turned 18 years old, he enlisted in the Army just as his grandfather did. Four years later, he returned home to work for the family company. With times and technology changing, they still needed to continue to meet the clients’ needs and expectations. So, Michael enrolled at Georgia Tech for Construction Engineering and Business Management. He graduated from there in 2005 and took over the company.

   Michael supervises each project from beginning to end and continues to service clients long after completion of the home. Michael has implemented an innovative, web-based software system that allows information to be instantly transmitted from the worksite to the office. This approach allows him to prevent delays, minimize miscommunication, and encourage more client involvement in the building of a custom home. Clients are able to track the progress of their luxury custom home, view photos and plans, monitor costs, and receive reminders about important decisions they need to make. Sawyer Homes has employed a highly qualified team of architects, project managers, subcontractors, and carpenters. Michael ensures the highest quality control in their luxury custom homes. To fulfill the growing demand for healthy, energy efficient homes, they are ENERGY STAR® and EarthCraft certified, and have certified green professionals on staff.

   Over the course of many decades, George Sawyer’s vision of a reputable, full-service building company has come to fruition. With client satisfaction being our number one focus, we have created a custom home building company that is committed to using only superior materials, the finest craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service.

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